Sandi Keene Workshops & Tutorials

Fast Forward Doodles Free Tutorial - Watch as Sandi Keene demonstrates doodling in her imperfect, sketchy style. It’s quick, it’s fun, it is Fast Forward Doodles!

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Deli Paper Flower Free Tutorial - Join me for a tutorial on making layered deli paper and text paper flowers using my faux printing plate method.

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Join us as we work together in Collaborations. It is a free flowing, anything goes, seat of our pants project that bounces back and forth round robin style. We never know what is coming next and it is as much fun to do as it is to watch. Get ready for Collaborations!

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Doodle & Carve - Join Rae & Sandi as they discuss and demonstrate their favorite tools, tips and patterns in basic doodle shapes and then turning them into carved stamps. With 6 videos and 1.5 hours of instruction plus printable pattern sheets, you will learn how to go from Shape to Stamp on multiple surfaces. We show budget friendly ideas to create affordable custom stamps for yourself and for gifts.

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Sandi Keene

The other A5 artists regularly shake their heads at me because I was the one saying I don’t think I will teach online classes. I love the interaction with students watching the moment when they discover they ARE artistic and have great ideas when they DO instead of THINK. How could online classes provide that connection?

The secret is: it happens and you are part of the process even though you are not physically there to see the spark in their eyes. Instead you read the excitement in their words of, “I DID THIS!”  That moment, however experienced or shared, makes it all worthwhile. The connection between instructor and student begins where the supply list starts with Courage and Confidence.

My favorite art skills are embracing imperfection, joy in color and embracing the artist that you already are - the rest is EASY!

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