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PAINT SKETCH & STORE is a great way to store and take along all of your favorite supplies.

Whether you are working in your favorite art journal, sketching up a storm or flipping the page in your watercolor tablet you will have just what you need to create on the go. Create one for art supplies. school supplies, even one that holds your laptop and small business essentials.

With three large pockets, three pull out pouches and a removable filing system, this pretty folding organizer will keep you ordered both in the studio and on the go.

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Chunky Idea Keeper - In this {Chunky Idea Keeper Workshop} you will learn how to create a beautiful home for keeping all of your on the go project ideas organized! A chunky agenda that boasts multiple pages, pockets, lists, sketch/doodle pad and more! Build a book that meets your unique project and design needs.

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Artful Handbag - In this {ARTFUL HANDBAG Workshop} you will learn how to create a beautiful "handbag" of sorts. A new take on the old messenger bag. A colorful, funky bag that boasts multiple pockets, unique embellishements and TWO BONUS mini projects - a drawstring sleeve pouch and a colorfully decorated and stitched mini book for journal pages, photos, mementos and more. Each step of the way, you will choose your color, your style and your layout to build a bag that SPEAKS TO WHO YOU ARE!

You will explore the art of "tap dyeing", challenge yourself with "doodle stitching" and add a new spin to old embellishment ideas. From color to construction, ruffles to rosettes, sewing to snap tape - you will be guided, step by step, through the process of creating a unique and one of a kind ARTFUL HANDBAG.

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15 Minutes of Mixed Media Free Tutorials -

Every single day I want to make art, but then LIFE happens, and I don’t always have hours on end to play in the studio. I thought long and hard on how I could make those few moments I do have more artistic, more productive. This is what I came up with. - set a timer. That's it. Nothing monumental, nothing life altering. Just simple time management.

In my household it works for violin practice, it works for silent reading, it works for time out. Why couldn't it work for art journaling? painting? project planning? And so I grabbed a timer and I set it. I worked quickly and diligently, but with no pressure to finish. The first few days I didn’t, and that was okay. I was still creating. And then I started to loosen up and just enjoy the process and the time I had to create.  Several weeks into this self imposed challenge I was creating small two page layouts within the 15 minutes time limit.

Want to create something every day? Give this challenge a try. At the very least you will put pen or brush to paper. Don’t work in an art journal? Try applying this challenge to your next big canvas project. 15 minutes will keep you working, inspired and motivated to get in the studio each and every day. Join me and let’s make something beautiful!

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Doodle & Carve - Join Rae & Sandi as they discuss and demonstrate their favorite tools, tips and patterns in basic doodle shapes and then turning them into carved stamps. With 6 videos and 1.5 hours of instruction plus printable pattern sheets, you will learn how to go from Shape to Stamp on multiple surfaces. We show budget friendly ideas to create affordable custom stamps for yourself and for gifts.

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Join us as we work together in Collaborations. It is a free flowing, anything goes, seat of our pants project that bounces back and forth round robin style. We never know what is coming next and it is as much fun to do as it is to watch. Get ready for Collaborations!

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I love carrying a pretty notebook with me for all those ideas and lists that pop into my head all day long. I am always finding ways to art up store bought notebooks. Today I thought  I would share a little tutorial on how to create an altered notebook using just a handful of art supplies, including the new Art Fusion Stamp Set.



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