Art to the 5th Academy Tour - How to Use Our Site

General Workshop Q&A

What is a workshop?

Our workshops (or classes) are video taped instruction by the artists hosted online. Classes are accessible from your computer and other devices. Our classes are held on a site called Ning, that requires you to create a FREE account.   There are step by step instructions, after you purchase a class, on how to do that. We manually add you to the classroom site and that will take a bit of time especially if you are on a different time zone than US Eastern Time. Please be patient as we may be sleeping when you are purchasing.

What is Art to the 5th™?

We are a collaboration of 5 artists sharing our passions and talents with you and each other. Learn more about us at Arttothe5th.com.

What do I need to take a class with you?

•high speed internet
•up to date browser and Adobe Flash
•basic computer and internet skills
•the ability to download and save files to your computer
•basic supplies plus a supply list will come with most classes.  Substitutions are always welcomed.

What if I have a question?

There are comment forms under each class segment for you to use. You can also contact us HERE.

Can I download the class videos?

No, but you have forever access to the videos unless otherwise notified.

Is there a PDF with each class?

Each class is different. If there is a PDF, it will be listed in the class description.  

Can I watch the videos as many times as I want?

Yes, to your heart’s content.

What if I experience a technical issue?

Our videos are checked and double checked. Most likely there is a problem at your end. It can be a browser issue solved by opening a new or different browser window. Restarting your computer takes time but usually fixes any issues. Your internet connection can cause lagging issues or loading issues.

Make sure you are using current software (operating system—updates come regularly these days) on your computer and have the most current version of Adobe Flash installed.

If you are still experiencing an issue, the last resort is to put in a help ticket.  We would only do this after these suggestions have been tried as they are the same suggestions the Help Desk will initially offer before further investigating.

If you do need to contact us for help, give us a detailed description of what is happening.

What if I want more fun?

Subscribe to our blogs. We always have fun things going on!

Are there any Forum guidelines?

Just a couple. Please keep your posts and interactions respectful, inspiring and encouraging. No promoting/advertising yourself or other’s classes/products/retreats on our boards. No links please. Anything that does not meet the guidelines will magically disappear without notice. Please do not upload any art that is not your work.

Can I split/share a class with a friend?

No, one student per purchase. By signing up for and paying for a workshop, you agree not to share that workshop with others who have not paid.  You agree not to share downloads or claim these ideas as your own.We know you know. It has to be said.  It could end our friendship.

Can I gift or RAK purchase a class?

How sweet are you? Please contact us and let’s make someone’s day!

Can I use a payment method other than PayPal?

We are so sorry to disappoint you but at this point we are only able to deal with Paypal for class fees. Perhaps in the future we can find an alternative to PayPal but for right now it is what works for us. Please forgive us for your inconvenience and frustration!