Academy Guidelines

Are there any Academy guidelines?


Please keep your posts and interactions respectful, inspiring and encouraging. No promoting/advertising yourself or other’s classes/products/retreats on our boards. No links please. Anything that does not meet the guidelines will magically disappear without notice. Please do not upload any art that is not your work.

We ask that everyone helps maintain a community of support, encouragement and positivity.  Please be inspired by all that you see. Please respect everyone's work and do not copy directly or reproduce someone's work without their permission.

Q. Can I post pictures of my life, kids, pets, art, crafts, birthday greetings, holiday greetings, art space, other art projects not related to Academy Class, Tutorials or The Documented Life Project?
A: No.  We will remove any posts that are off-topic without notification.

Q: Can I promote my (or another person's) class or product within The Academy?
A: No.

Q: May I start swaps within The Academy?
A: No, if you would like to swap or do trades of products, that will need to be done outside The Academy.  Posts related to swapping or trading will be deleted. 

Q: May I sell or auction anything within The Academy?
A: No and it will be deleted without notice.