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WE ARE MOVING OUR WORKSHOPS TO THE ARTTOTHE5TH.COM SITE.  You can find the URL and password for your new class location in the old classroom on this site. 

NEED HELP?? Email us at arttothe5thcoordinator@gmail.com

The Academy site is closing soon.

DLP 2015 is on the arttothe5th.com website under PROJECTS  It is a free project and open to all so not password protected etc. http://www.arttothe5th.com/dlp-2015/

 DLP 2016 has now been moved to arttothe5th.com  The URL and password are now in the old classroom on this site

Free Tutorials are the property of the artist(s) that created them and they choose what happens to them - you might want to check their website.

Never joined us for a class or looking for some new inspiration?  We invite you to check out our very popular classes in their new home -http://www.arttothe5th.com/workshop-selections - we even have several on sale!

Meanwhile we would love to have you stay informed with what we are doing - please follow us atwww.arttothe5th.com  - we miss you!

You may still purchase classes by clicking the icon below.  Your new classes will be the moved class and you do not have to do anything but enjoy!

Thank you!

We are so excited to share the multi-faceted community that we have created at The Academy just for you! Pack your backpack, notebooks and a handful of your favorite colored pens and explore our hallways of creative learning and sharing. There comes a time when you must build what you most desire in your life and that is what exactly we have done! We are opening the doors to art lovers of all abilities around the world!

Be inspired by free tutorials, register for value priced workshops to further your art education, or hang out in the forums and galleries with fellow community members chatting about that newest product/technique that is all the rage.

The Academy is the home of the Documented Life Project™ 2015, the free project that has brought us together. Yes, still free!  Join now as we will be kicking off the new semester!

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